Benefits Of Having Your Own Wind Turbine

Most probably, a majority of your home in your neighborhood and using the same paid energy source as you. This is either because they know how to conserve energy or budget their resources to afford it or simply because they have no other energy sources to turn to. But the truth is, there are several alternative energy sources that you can tap to without depending on any company to give it to you.

Solar energy is a good choice; if you have an awful lot of money to spend, that is. While it\’s renewable and non-polluting and certainly no one would argue that it isn’t a great source of energy, it\’s also far too expensive for most people. A single solar panel is quite expensive and many panels are needed to meet the energy needs of most homes.

A cheaper alternative is wind power. This is easier and less expensive to set up and can save you a lot of money on your energy bills; if you live in a particularly windy area or have the room to set up several turbines, you may even be able to meet all of your household energy needs this way. However, the typical homeowner can see a large savings on their electricity bill with just a few wind turbines.

Wind turbines are devices with rotating parts that convert kinetic energy caused by the wind to mechanical energy. It has the same concept as a windmill, but instead, the mechanical energy transforms into electricity. There are several benefits in having wind turbines at home.

It\’s not all that hard to build your own wind turbines either. All you need is rotors, something to support them and a generator to convert the kinetic energy of your rotors into electrical energy. You might also need batteries and a transformer, but the three basic parts above are plenty to get you started generating power. You can find these parts easily and there is plenty of instructional material which shows you exactly what to do.

The parts you\’ll need are easy to find and can be picked up online, at junkyards and elsewhere at reasonable prices. You may even have some of the parts you need on hand already. You can also try your hand at a custom design using some parts which you have lying around; there is some room for creativity when it comes to building your own wind turbines.

Homemade Wind Generator

If you are living in rural or away from urban areas, you get even greater advantages since you can have windy days any time of the day and windy days will always give you a sufficient supply of energy that can be used now or later. It also matches the potential of solar energy since it doesn’t produce anything harmful to the environment making it very environment friendly.

Wind power is a great way to use clean, renewable, environmentally sound alternative energy; and the savings don\’t hurt either. It\’s easy to build your own wind turbine and you can always build more as you need them. The minimal expense and time they take to build is paid for many times over in energy savings.

Get some of your own wind generator plans and learn to build generators easily. Creating a turbine requires you to get some good diy wind generator plans which will give you step by step instructions.

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