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Living off the grid – the true mentality

Of course the ideology and reasoning of off grid living does vary from person to person. We are you know, as unique and distinct as a species can get. But I do believe the overall underlying philosophy does remain a common theme. Freedom, peace, self reliance.

The individuals who seek this true mindset do not show up trying to bring their 400k home with all the bells and whistles along then erect a 30k solar array to  support it.

You can of course do this, and be considered off grid, but you certainly wouldn’t be considered “one of us.”

​We don’t want to bring “what was” with us. And neither do we wish to recreate it. Pure off grid living is like putting on that old pair of overalls and that comfortable pair of shoes. We no longer want to set our alarm clocks and go to meetings or rush off to work. We truly desire the rooster to wake us up and sleep in if we so decide to!

Now I do not want to create illusions of grandeur here either. There is work involved in being self sufficient and living off the grid. But this is where smart planning comes in and common sense.  Remember the woman in the yurt with her kids and husband? That was not good planning.

Off grid living can be as comfortable and as enjoyable as living in your 400k on grid home, but that to will take time, action, and smart preparation.

But for most, the mentality behind the lifestyle is what drives our success, its what feeds our ambitions, and its what makes our lives easier. The feelings of self worth from something as simple as planting a seed with your own hands and nurturing it in the garden soil you created, to harvesting it, eating it to nourish your body, and then preserving the rest for month later is indeed priceless.

​It is essentially what God had in mind I believe when He created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. But as we all know we messed that up. And we as humans continue to mess things up. The things we have created and achieved in society throughout history is indeed spectacular. But we also see that as time unfolds the tides of society despite the advances are cracking at its moral seams. Our dependence on the grid, our conformity with the changing tides, our acceptance of the disintegration of morals and values and ethics.

Off grid living may not alleviate or solve these issues or even totally remove oneself from the actuality of these  contentions. But, it sure can place you in a better place with a defined destination that you compose  and invest in.

And for those of you who seek to become closer to the Creator. I feel a refined walk that has awaken the Holy Spirit drawing me closer to God . I can attest to the fact that God saved me from my “on grid” life of self-involved thinking and sin, and brought me to a promised land that He continues to  author in my life as a off grid homesteader. And for that gift of new life, there is nothing more priceless and sweeter than He being here with me.

Thus the next time you sit down to go over your own off grid list, your own off grid plan, rethink and reevaluate your own inner feelings of this lifestyle. This is a soul search that develops from a small flame within. A yearning that longs to break free. That recognizes the cracks in society, that is tired of the indoctrination of our minds, our hearts our souls. A grid breaker with passion. There you will find a true off grid mentality that will drive your success and your happiness for years to come!

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